PHP Technology

Magento: How to update order status to complete

In this tutorial, I will present a code snippet to demonstrate how to convert a Pending or Processing Magento order into Complete with creation of invoice and shipment pro grammatically.

Netsuite: SuiteTalk search sample Codes With PHP_Toolkit

Create a SuiteTalk Transaction Search that Contains a specific item

Guarding Against Multiple Submissions of the Same Form

The way to prevent a user from submitting the same form more than once

Website Account Activator

To validate the email address users provide, send an email to the address with special URL

Printing an Array with Commas

The way to print out an array with commas separating the elements.

PHP: Sorting Arrays of Arrays

Using usort function to sort arrays of arrays

Pageable Varien Data Collection

The customer Pageable Varien Data Collection

Assigning Pre-existing Simple Products to Configurable Products

Group simple products and assign them to configurable products.

Get Daily Order Summary from Magento

Get Magento Orders for Today with the Difference between server timezone and local timezone

Models and Collections for Magento2 (Part : 1)

Creation of Models and Collections for Magento2 with real example

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