Magento Commerce

Magento: How to update order status to complete

In this tutorial, I will present a code snippet to demonstrate how to convert a Pending or Processing Magento order into Complete with creation of invoice and shipment pro grammatically.

Magento 2: Examples About Blocks and Templates

This tutorial shows you some examples about how to use Magento 2 Blocks, Layout, and templates

Magento Varien Db Table Types

Varien_Db_Ddl_Table::TYPE_NAME is nothing but the type of the columns just like char, varchar, int, decimal, etc.

Get Directory Paths and URLs For Magento 1

Get directory paths, base URLs and URLs in static block

Create a Custom Session Namespace With a Model in Magento

It's possible to create a new Session model in your custom modules in Magento

Magento Soap API V1 and V2 Creation

Tutorial for creating Magento Soap API V1 and V2

Magento Order Code Snippets

Some useful Magento code snippets for order

Magento: Add Custom Text At the Bottom of Invoice Pdf

The way to add some "term & condition" at the bottom of customer invoice.

Get All Orders for a Specific Customer with Grand Total Larger Than Certain Amount

Get all orders for specific customer and get the manufacturer for certain product in the order.

Get Option_id and Value for Attribute 'manufacturer' in Magento

The way get all option_id and value for attribute of 'manufacturer' in Magento

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